Sunday, June 6, 2010

Life is a Cabaret


It's mostly been a lazy Sunday (which was quite nice) but I did have my second Haitian church experience this morning.

Mike says that he wants to visit every church on Oblami's circuit before he's transferred. That will happen at the beginning of August so more-than-likely I'll be visiting a different church every Sunday which is kind of neat because I'll have many different experiences.

This Sunday we visited the Methodist church in a town called Cabaret. It's near Arcahaie where we went to church last week. This church is much larger though and actually looked like a church. It also had a paved floor and a roof without any holes. However, this church was MUCH warmer. The church last week seemed to have a nice breeze all the time and this one was just plain hot. Also, it was two and a half hours long... all in Kreyol. Whew.

It was certainly an experience, though. The singing was loud and beautiful. I was even able to sing along a bit because Mike has a Kreyol hymnal. Awesome. After some singing, a woman apparently shared her testimony about how she was sick in the hospital and had never prayed until then. After she began praying to God, though, she was healed. She was very dramatic in her telling. I didn't understand what she was saying (until it was explained to me later) but I could tell she was a good story teller.

Oblami then got up to preach and he preached on John chapter 5 - Jesus healing the lame man. I had an English bible with me so I was able to read along while Oblami spoke. Very cool.

The coolest part of the whole 2.5 hour long service, though, was communion. Not everyone receives communion... only those who really wish to partake come to the front of the church and kneel with hands out, ready to receive. Although I did not like the fact that there was not enough for everyone to partake it was a very interesting experience to receive communion while kneeling at the altar with hands outstretched. Very humbling. Once you're there, a pastor comes and gives you the bread. Then, he blesses the bread and you all eat it at once. After that, they pass out the wine. And yes, it really was wine. Hot wine. After that, a quick benediction is said and then you get up and go back to your seat.

I was glad to have communion today. Although I may be spending my time with the Methodists I'm still a Disciple at heart. It was a joy to receive.

Also, the children there were, once again, adorable. One little girl in particular was very curious about us and kept on making eyes at me. She was probably about two or three and would waddle over to where we sat and would stare at me and my friends for a little while and then waddle back over to her seat. At the end of the service, though, when everyone is saying their greetings, she came over and Mike shook her hand. Her mom started to walk away, but she stayed with her hand outstretched because she wanted to shake my hand, too! I shook her hand and she giggled and smiled and then went to find her mother. Her mother shot me a smile, too while I waved goodbye to the little one. Too cute.

The rest of this afternoon was full of rest and mostly relaxation. I was still feeling a bit under the weather but after my nap I'm feeing MUCH better. Also, the COR team came today so I received a lovely care package from my parents full of some art supplies for the kids to use and some things for me. Which, by the way, if you're reading this... thanks to Timothy and/or Attisen for the drawing! It made my day. :) It will be hanging in my room shortly.

I hope you all are well. Sending blessings, once again, your way!


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