Monday, May 18, 2009

Dinkin' Flicka

Galveston Countdown: 5 days!!!!

(Yes, that deserved 4 exclamation points.)

So yeah, I've got my steel toed boots, this blog, shorts, a swimsuit, and excitement... so I'm feeling pretty good to go. Also, I found out that I will be living approximately 3 blocks from the beach and I find that news to be incredibly encouraging... :)

Oh, and apparently... there are 5 Starbucks's in Galveston. I also find that to be incredibly encouraging... :) Although, not a very good sign for my wallet. :(

Anyway, I think I'm about ready to launch this so I shall post the link to my Facebook site and you can easily find the link there FOR EV ER. Well, maybe not forever... but a while.

So yep. See ya on the flip side. I'll try to start updating this regularly once I arrive! :)

<3 Beth

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