Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Made It!

So here I am, sitting on a bed at the Texas City Mission Site.

It was a long drive, three of us squished in the backseat of a Ford F-150, but I survived!

Let me catch you up a bit...

So yesterday I left KC at 7 a.m. after meeting Carl (my boss for the next couple of months), Will, and Joel (two of the interns working at the Texas City/Galveston worksite with me.) We then traveled to Wichita to pick up Robin (Carl's wife) and start driving towards Galveston.

On the road we stopped at Arby's to eat, make a couple of rest stops, and stopped at a gas station called Buc-Ees... which, by the way, is probably the king of all gas stations. It was kind of like a gourmet food store/souvenir shop/restaurant/bathroom/gas station inside. If you want to get a feel for the "Buc-Ees experience" you should go to :) The one I went to was one of the newer ones in Madisonville.

After our long ride in the car, though, we decided to retire early and slept at an Econo Lodge in a smaller town about two hours away from Texas City. It was an... interesting stay. Lets just put it this way: I went into the bathroom this morning to take a shower and was met with a massive cockroach "leg up" in the shower. Disgusting.

Anyway, this morning we drove the rest of the way to Texas City so we could get here just in time for worship. It's a pretty adorable church, and the sanctuary is a REALLY neat space so I think I'll enjoy my time here. :) Also, this is the church where all the mission groups will be housed so it's good to get acquainted with the building before they all start arriving next week.

Today we've just kind of been hanging out. The rest of the DHM interns arrived here around 4:30 so we've just been chatting a bit and enjoying some good down time. We'll also have a bit of training tonight but that won't be until after dinner so... there's not much else to say!

I miss you all already, though. I hope I can make it through this summer without a breakdown. Hahaha.

Loff to you and you and you and you. :)

<3 Beth

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