Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The United States

So I’m about to go home. Because of this, I’ve been thinking a lot about packing as well as what needs to get done before I leave, as well as what needs to get done once I’m home, and before I come back. Whew! Lots of checklists to create in my head. However, I’m looking forward to being in America for a short while. In fact, here’s my list of things I’m missing.

Things I miss about America and am looking forward to when I return:

Starbucks (I am in want of an iced, non-fat, carmel macciatto like WHOA. Also, there aren’t really coffee houses here or places like coffee houses where you can just meet up with a friend and talk about life. I miss that.)

Chipotle (Because there is little to no Mexican food here. It’s such a staple in the U.S. so it’s strange that there aren’t really any Mexican places here. I mean, Oge has never had a taco. Oh, the tragedy!)

Air conditioning (Although I don’t miss it as much as I thought I would. Strangely, I’ve adjusted to the heat. I’m worried that sleeping in air conditioning is going to make me too cold!)

Hot showers (Most of the time I enjoy my cold showers here, but on cooler nights, the cold showers are not joyful experiences. I’m ready for a nice long, hot shower.)

Driving (I really love getting on the highway, blasting my music, and crusin. I definitely look forward to that when I return. Also, as I cannot drive here, and it’s not really all that safe – especially at night, I can’t really go off by myself. It will be nice to get out on my own, hang out with some friends, and enjoy some freedom.)

Debit Cards (I mean, I still have a debit card here, but I can’t really use it. I’m looking forward to not carrying cash. I’m also looking forward to having an ATM machine to use that won’t charge me fees to take out money. Yes.)

Of course, I’m also absolutely stoked to see my friends and family. My mom asked if I was getting excited to come home, or sad to come home. I think I’m definitely on the excited end, but that’s probably because I know I’m coming right back. If I wasn't coming back so soon… I’d probably be bursting into tears every minute. However, since I am coming back, I’m so excited to see all of you!

I come back to KC on the 25th and then I leave for vacation on the 27th. I will be on vacation until the 4th and then I’ll be in town until the 12th. Then I fly back to Haiti! So lets find some time to get together if you’re one of my KC pals.

Also, I will be preaching at Living Water Christian Church on August 8th at 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. After the second services, there will be a lunch as well as more discussions about Haiti to follow. Beyond that, I will be bringing some Haitian coffee that morning for all who want to try. I hope to see you there! If you want more information/directions and all that jazz, feel free to contact me! Oh, and if you're one of my readers from outside the KC area, then the sermon will be posted online the Monday after I preach it. :) I'll post the link here.

Anyway, I’m off. Busy day today! Couple of meetings, errands to run, shoes for the boys to buy… lots to do!


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