Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yesterday I learned how to mud drywall.

When hearing about the process folks kept on describing it as "tedious" and "boring." Therefore, when given the opportunity to do it yesterday, I was somewhat hesitant. It was obvious, though, that if I did not start mudding with a few people then I would have very little to do... so I said "okay."

When I finally learned how to do it and started in... I loved it. Absolutely LOVED it.

To me it was so relaxing and it's great project for me, the perfectionist. I found that when I was mudding time would fly by... to where I even missed the time for us to go to lunch and we were a bit late.

It's so cool because when I found out that I got this job, I started to panic a bit because I didn't know how to do ANY construction. I also know that I'm not the strongest of folks and so it might be difficult for me to do some of the work.

What's neat though is to come here and find out that everyone can lend a helping hand. If you don't have the strongest muscles, it's okay... there are other jobs that suit your skill set. We can all be the hands and feet of Christ we just have to discover what gifts we have and can use to do God's work.

Cool thing, eh?

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