Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So I have to say that being in this internship has helped to refresh my spiritual life quite a bit and has given me many thoughts to mull over.

I've been thinking about what it means to fight the good fight and how God can and does give us rest when the fight makes us weak and weary.

I've also been thinking about blessings and where we find them. Today one of the groups shared that they found a lizard while clearing out brush from a backyard and noted that they really saw God in that situation. Generally when thinking about blessings, somone might think of a new baby, or a raise or promotion at work, or an undeserved gift... but how awesome it is that we can also find blessings in finding a lizard in a pile of debris and weeds?

I've been thinking about how God talks to us... in the crashing, roaring ocean and in a still small voice. What a challenge it is to us that we are called to listen to both and to be attentive to God. And what a blessing it is that we have the opportunity to have a personal relationship with our creator.

I've also found myself thinking about Rob Bell's Nooma video, "Kickball." I know what things I want in life, but I'm wondering if God is saying "Yes" or "Not right now" or "No." How hard it is to discern that sometimes.

I've also been thinking about all of you. How I miss you and wish you were here to experience just a small taste of what's going on here. There's incredible work being done and such amazing people have stepped up to do it. I wish you could all meet the incredible long-term volunteers here doing work, and all of the short-term volunteers, and all of my awesome intern homies, and Carl (my boss) and his wife (and my second mom while I'm away from my own :( ), Robin.

But as you all cannot be here with me, I thank God that I have not only the opportunity to be here all summer... but also to tell the story. To let you all know of what the church is doing to relieve some of the pain in the world. It's a beautiful story.

Anyway, as I'm exhausted and my head is full I'm going to go listen to some music and crash. Thank you all for your prayers. I have felt surrounded by your love since I've left Kansas City. :)

<3 Beth

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